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Whether you are at home or with us in Dayton for the Feminisms and Rhetorics 2017 Conference, we hope that you follow along and engage with the conference conversations on our social media feeds. We are delighted to have a full team of social media curators who are going to be working hard to live-tweet sessions, create connections among panels, and offers ways to engage with the conference for those who aren’t able to attend in person.

Follow along on Twitter @femrhet2017 and on Facebook @Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference 2017. And you can participate by using our hashtag #FemRhet2017 Or one of our other favorite hashtags: #TeamFemRhet #TheFeministsAreComing #FemRhetSyllabus

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Women, Work, and Success: Fin de Siècle Rhetoric at Sophie Newcomb College

“Women, Work, and Success: Fin de Siècle Rhetoric at Sophie Newcomb College,” identifies a kairotic moment in the current conversation about gender in all-women’s colleges. We look to a now-closed (a year after Hurricane Katrina in 2006) women’s college in New Orleans to understand how faculty, students, and alumnae used rhetoric at the fin de siècle and early part of the twentieth century to construct a successful vision for women’s education. In calling their public rhetorics “epideictic,” we note that they were strategic rhetoricians who praised the institution of women’s education in documents like the student and alumnae-run magazine, The Newcomb Arcade, and in promises made by faculty in their speeches about education, and even in alumnae’s oral histories that were supposedly more candid. Together, we’ve written this article because it affords the field of Feminist Rhetoric with historical data and documents from female students and alumnae who were making a case for women’s education when it was in its incipience. The research we have done will help modern-day rhetoricians see and reflect upon the rhetorical foundations of women’s education in the South and in general, to then go forth to interpret the broader future of women’s education and an expanded sense of women’s gender.

CFSHRC Goes To Washington

purple background with CFSHRC and a red heart around the F. with the text Jan 21st, #teamfemrhet, @cfshrc @femrhet

The Women’s March on Washington is shaping up to be a historic show of feminist solidarity and collective action. We know that many of the CFSHRC are going to be attending, either in DC or in one of the many sister marches. As your professional organization, the CFSHRC wants to help you connect with fellow members of #teamfemrhet and also document our community’s participation in this historic event.

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