Opportunity to Assist in Missouri

Dear Coalition members,

As part of the Coalition’s response to the NAACP’s travel advisory the Coalition has worked to imagine ways that we could support our colleagues currently doing work on the ground in Missouri.  As a result, we have identified two organizations in Kansas City whose missions are in keeping with our own, and we have voted to support those organizations financially.

The task force has identified the Greater Kansas City Writing Project (an off-shoot of the National Writing Project) and the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City, which “promotes equity and opportunity for women of all ages, using research, philanthropy and policy solutions to make meaningful change.”

The Coalition has given a donation to each organization.  In addition, we encourage our membership to make individual donations. Donations to the Women’s Foundation can be made here:  http://www.womens-foundation.org/ (click on the “Donate” tab all the way to the right).

Donations to the Greater Kansas City Writing Project can be made here:   https://40153.thankyou4caring.org/

Please note that the front page looks like it is for the National Writing Project. In the Comment box, you can indicate that this is for the Greater Kansas City group. As well, on the second page you can click on the red link that says “Make a Gift to an NWP site here” and it will lead you to a search box.  If you type “Greater Kansas City” in the box, the Greater Kansas City group will appear and you can choose them for your donation.

Many many thanks to those of you who have helped us choose the sites.  We hope you will contribute to our support of them!

The Coalition Advisory Board