CFSHRC & 4C18: Mobilizing in Several Directions

2016 CCCC Annual Conference The Feminists Are coming
In advance of 4C18, we would like to acknowledge some of the many ways that CFSHRC members have been responding to the NAACP Travel Advisory, the CCCC Statement about it, and subsequent discussions. We also want to underscore our support for all Coalition members and the various choices they have made in relation to the upcoming convention.

In October, the Advisory Board met and voted to cancel the Coalition’s annual Wednesday SIG. We chose not to call colleagues to meet at 4C18 both in protest of the convention location and to signal our solidarity with colleagues of color under threat in Missouri due to the circumstances that led the NAACP to issue their travel advisory. Simultaneously, we began discussions with and among various ad-hoc committees, the CCCC Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at the Convention, the KC Local Arrangements Committee, and the Coalition membership at large. Throughout, we sought concrete strategies for supporting one another, including ways of mobilizing both on- and off-site in Missouri for the annual convention.

The actions and resources that have emerged are as diverse as the feminist scholars who work in our field. See below and please feel free to contact us with additions. Although we are not hosting our regular event next month, and although not all Coalition members will be attending the convention this year, some members will be attending, and we remain committed to “the advancement of feminist research and pedagogy across histories, locales, identities, materialities, and media” as well as “the education and mentoring of feminist faculty and graduate students in scholarship, research methods, praxis, and the politics of the profession,” as our mission states.

We want to thank all those members who have responded to the following efforts and initiatives:

Off-Site Participation

We were especially pleased to hear from so many of you in support our efforts to financially support the GKCWP and the Women’s Foundation. We encourage everyone to learn more about those efforts by following links above.

On-Site Participation

  • Sign up for the Wednesday workshop sponsored by the Feminist Caucus, “Feminist Workshop: Feminist Rhetorics of Resistance and Transformation
  • Promote feminist related sessions before and during the conference
  • Attend and live tweet feminist sessions (#teamfemrhet #CFSHRC)
  • Provide brief (+/- 400 word) summaries or reviews of feminist sessions (for online publication)
  • Attend all-convention event on “Literacy, Language, and Labor”
  • Attend SJAC pre- and post-convention workshops on activism and organizing

If you would like to volunteer to review feminist sessions at 4C18, we encourage you to let us know via our sign-up!

If you are presenting a feminist related panel, workshop, or poster, let us know on this form so we can help promote your work.

Yours in solidarity,

The Executive Board
Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition