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Peitho is the peer-reviewed journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition.

Published quarterly, Peitho seeks to encourage, advance, and publish original research in the history of rhetoric and composition.

We invite article-length submissions on a wide range of topics related to feminist theories and gendered practices.

We also invite shorter submissions for “Recoveries and Reconsiderations,” an annual forum for sharing innovative perspectives on existing feminist work, as well an incubator for new feminist research projects.

Volume 25 Issue 1, Fall 2023


Editor: Rebecca Dingo and Clancy Ratliff
Associate Editor: Jennifer Nish
Editorial Assistant: Stacie Klinowski and Rachel Smith
Web Coordinator: Hannah Taylor
Cover Art: a brown park bench with the words “Smash Patriarchy” in white paint. In the background is a blue sky, green trees, and a low brick wall. In the top left corner, the words “Peitho Volume 26.1 Fall 2023” in all caps in a dark orange font.



Cluster Conversation: Addressing The Barriers Between Us and that Future edited by Lisa E. Wright, Natasha Tinsley, Anna Sicari, and Hillary Coenen

Organizational and Institutional Critique

Mentorship and Interpersonal Advocacy

Subversive Classroom Practices

Addressing the Barriers between Us and that Future via Deep Rhetoricity
Romeo García, Gesa E Kirsch, Valeria Guevara Fernandez, and Nicole Salazar
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Cluster Conversation: Reclaiming the Work of Wendy Bishop as Rhetorical Feminist Mentoring edited by Mary Ann Cain and Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Inspiring Collegiality: A Roundtable on Intergenerational Mentoring
Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Sarah Bramblett, Don Gammill Jr., Tiffany Gray, Cantice Greene, Letizia Guglielmo, Mary Lamb, Renee Love, Alice Johnston Myatt, Kristen Ruccio, Matthew Sansbury, Lara Smith-Sitton, and Nathan Wagner
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Editors: Rebecca Dingo, University of Massachusetts & Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Associate Editor:

Editorial Assistants: Rachel Smith, University of Massachusetts; Stacie Klinowski, University of Massachusetts

Web Coordinator: Hannah Taylor, Duke University


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