NEW Peitho Feature: Recoveries and Reconsiderations

The editorial team of Peitho is pleased to announce a new, annual feature of the journal and to issue a call for submissions. We envision that “Recoveries and Reconsiderations” will include the work of multiple contributors, with each contribution limited to 2,500 words, and will serve as a forum for sharing innovative perspectives on and application of existing feminist work, as well an incubator for new feminist research projects.

With “Recoveries and Reconsiderations,” we wish to provide a space for more voices to enter our scholarly conversations. Contributions need not require the extensive time commitments of full-length articles and, thus, may be amenable to the working situations of many feminists in the field. In addition, we intend to provide a venue within feminist scholarly publishing that explicitly values the processes of discovery, invention, reflection, and complication. The short contributions that comprise the section will not present extended analyses and definitive conclusions about the materials they engage; rather, the goal is to introduce readers to resources for ongoing consideration and further discussion.

Contributions might include, but are not limited to,

  • Preliminary description and feminist analysis of the work of recently recovered historical groups, figures, and practices (feminist rhetors/rhetorical practices, queer rhetors/rhetorical practices, etc.)
  • Preliminary description and feminist analysis of current-day groups, figures, and practices
  • Focused feminist reconsiderations of well-known or established rhetoricians, rhetorical theories, and/or rhetorical practices
    Descriptions and contextualizations of archival collections/materials of potential interest to Peitho readers
  • Examples and discussions of feminist pedagogical practices for re-visioning rhetorical education

In the forward-looking spirit of “Recoveries and Reconsiderations,” each submission should close with a section that provides readers with questions to consider and/or ideas for future feminist engagement with the materials on which a submission focuses.

Submissions will be peer-reviewed by two people, with results of the reviews and final determinations being the responsibility of the Associate Editor.

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and should be made via Submittable, using the link available on the Peitho website ( Please be sure to include “Recoveries and Reconsiderations” as part of your manuscript title.

Direct questions about “Recoveries and Reconsiderations” to Dr. Temptaous McKoy, Associate Editor of Peitho, at