Peitho Volume 24 Issue 2, Winter 2022

Volume 24 Issue 2, Winter 2022


Editor: Rebecca Dingo, Clancy Ratliff
Associate Editor: Temptaous McKoy
Editorial Assistant: Ashley Canter, Stacy Earp, Stacie Klinowski
Web Coordinator: Kelli Lycke
Cover Art: bell hooks by Angélica Becerra. Her art is available for purchase here:


In Memoriam: Bell Hooks

Remembering bell
Libby Falk Jones
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bell hooks Memorial
Meredith McKinnie
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bell hooks Memorial
Elizabeth J. Fleitz
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Book Reviews

Cover description: a light orange-pink color background with line drawings of leafy plants on the bottom left and top right corners. Inset in the left side of the image is a drawing based on a close-up photograph of bell hooks. She is wearing a yellow long-sleeved blouse with embroidery around the neckline and around the cuff. She is resting her chin on her left hand and has a thoughtful facial expression. In the lower right corner are the words “Peitho Volume 24.2 Winter 2022.” The drawing of hooks is by Angélica Becerra, an artist and postdoctoral teaching fellow at Washington State University, and is used with permission. Her art is available for purchase here: