Peitho Volume 25 Issue 3, Spring 2023

Volume 25 Issue 3, Spring 2023


Editor: Rebecca Dingo, Clancy Ratliff
Associate Editor: Jennifer Nish
Editorial Assistant: Ashley Canter and Stacie Klinowski
Web Coordinator: Kelli Lycke
Cover Art: A photo of the CCCC Feminist Caucus wall quilt, sewn by Holly Hassel from fabric squares made by attendees of CCCC 2019. Overlaid in the lower right corner is a yellow square with Peitho Volume 25.3 Spring 2023 typed in a handwriting font.


Editors’ Introduction 
Rebecca Dingo and Clancy Ratliff
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In Memoriam: K. Hyoejin Yoon


Cluster Conversation: Feminist Internet Research Ethics edited by Kristi McDuffie and Melissa Ames

Book Reviews