Glenn AtA Session: There Are Writing Emergencies, 6/11/24 2-3:30 Eastern Time

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for our summer 2024 Glenn AtA Session, “There Are Writing Emergencies,” on Tuesday, June 11 from 2-3:30PM ET! This is our final Glenn AtA until the Fall 2024.

Here are the details and registration information:

Session Title: There are Writing Emergencies: Strategies for Discernment and Prioritization in our Personal and Professional Writing Lives
Presenters: Holly Hassel and Kate Pantelides
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 11, 2-3:30 PM ET

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It has long been held in the field of rhetoric and writing that “There Are No Writing Emergencies,” an admonition is usually intended as a way to relieve stress that comes up around deadlines, or to allay panic on the part of writing students, teachers, or program administrators. Our edited collection, There Are Writing Emergencies: Composing (Ourselves) in Times of Crisis aims to clarify what are emergencies, what is not an emergency, and what just feels like an emergency.

In this 90 minute workshop, participants will develop strategies for navigating “writing emergencies.” The facilitators will start by describing the focus of the work in their edited collection and sketch out a framework for navigating the increasingly accelerated composing environments in our lives. Throughout the workshop, participants are invited to work through a series of interactive activities with several goals:

  • To self-assess the composing landscape of their work and personal contexts
  • To develop strategies of discernment and prioritization in their composing lives
  • To build from feminist advocacy and self-care work toward a vision for professional sustainability

Presenter Biographies
Holly Hassel is professor of writing studies and director of composition at Michigan Technological University. She has served as chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, editor of Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and currently co-chairs the MLA/4Cs Task Force on AI and Writing. Her scholarship and research focuses on writing program administration, writing assessment, and supporting students’ transitions to college literacies and has appeared in many journals and books. Her most common emergencies involve first-year student writers, graduate student instructors, and two teenage children, as well as her leadership roles in shared governance and national professional service responsibilities.

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Kate Pantelides is associate professor of English and Provost’s Fellow at Middle Tennessee University. Her research and teaching address feminist rhetorics, research methods, and innovative pedagogies. Most recently, she co-edited a special issue of The Journal of Writing Assessment focused on methods of student self-placement with the amazing Erin Whittig, who has talked her down in the face of numerous writing stressors. Both her emergencies and joys often revolve around her two middle school-aged children, her anxious and adorable dog, her excellent partner, and her tendency to overextend in university and national disciplinary service.

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