Tributes to Jan Swearingen (1948-2017)

Texas A & M Professor Carolyn Jan Swearingen would have been 69 on August 18, 2017. She died on June 1, 2017, after being diagnosed with a mean and aggressive form of cancer in early December 2016. A powerful classicist, stalwart feminist, loyal colleague, and loving friend, Jan is remembered by many of us who worked closely with her.

The following professional tributes could be ordered in a number of ways, but I’ve chosen to arrange them from the personal to the pedagogical to the professional. All of these tributes offer harmonious tones of mourning, celebration, and appreciation. The final tribute offers advice on how we might best continue to honor Jan’s intellectual legacy.—Cheryl Glenn

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I want to welcome you to Peitho 19.2 Spring/Summer 2017. I feel that this issue presents an exceptional cross-section of current feminist scholarship, and demonstrates the varied scholarly foci engaging feminist rhetoricians today.

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I want to welcome everyone to Peitho 19.1, the Fall/Winter 2016 issue. I am very excited to build from the excellent work of the previous editors, Pat Sullivan and Jenny Bay. This issue in particular represents a collaboration among us. Most of the pieces in the issue were finalized during my transition, but were ushered through the review process by Pat and Jenny. So please do enjoy this issue. It represents a true collaboration between editoral teams.

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