Upcoming Due Dates for Feminist Research Grant and Book Award

As our coalition grows, we are also able to expand our opportunities to celebrate and support feminist research in rhetoric and composition. We have two upcoming opportunities that we hope YOU will consider: the Feminist Research Grant (application due Dec 15, 2017) and the Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award (nominations due December 1st, 2017)

Feminist Research Grant

We are happy to announce that the Coalition is now offering a Feminist Research Grant. This is research grant of up to $700 for researchers to pursue or continue feminist projects that require funding to conduct such activities. These include but should not be limited to archival research, translation, interview transcription, and digital archivization and/or digital project development. Any Coalition member is welcome to apply, including graduate students.

We hope that you’ll apply in December for our inaugural year. The application is due on December 15th, 2017. Read more about this research grant here: cwshrc.org/awards/feminist-research-grant

Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award

The Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award is presented biennially in even-numbered years for work in the field of composition and rhetoric to recognize outstanding scholarship and research in the areas of feminist pedagogy, practice, history, and theory. An eligible work must have been published in the two years previous to the year of the award. (For example, a work eligible for the 2018 award will have been published in calendar year 2016 or 2017.) Single or multiple authored books, as well as edited volumes, are eligible.

We welcome nominations from authors, editors, publishers, or readers. Submit nominations by  December 1, 2017. See more info here: cwshrc.org/awards/the-winifred-bryan-horner-outstanding-book-award/

For both the grant and the book award, Contact Jenn Fishman (jennfishman.phd@gmail.com) for additional information.

All of our awards are supported by our members. Donate now to fund one of our awards or graduate student travel: cwshrc.org/awards/donate/