C’s and the Coalition

As most of you know, the Executive Committee of CCCC has made the decision to keep the annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri.  As you also know, the Coalition hosts their annual SIG on Wednesday night of the Cs.  The Coalition has been and remains committed to feminist principles and practices of social justice, and we work to ensure the safety, dignity, and equity of our membership.  We realize that it seems as if we have been quiet in response to the Cs Executive Committee decision of September 11.  In reality, we have been organizing spaces to hear your voices on the issue.

 Moving forward:

  1.  Survey SIG Presenters: The Coalition Executive Board has been working to poll the SIG presenters who might be affected if we decide to behave differently at Cs this year. We did not want to make any decision about holding/not holding/holding remotely/alternatively holding the SIG without knowing how it would affect our presenters.
  2. Discuss with Coalition Advisory Board: The Coalition Advisory Board will be holding its Business Meeting at Feminisms and Rhetorics, at which time they will discuss different possibilities for Cs this year.
  3. Brainstorm Action Items: Several members of the Cs Executive Committee have agreed to make themselves available for discussion and brainstorming of possible action items at Feminisms and Rhetorics. If you are attending the conference, this session will be Friday morning at 8am (Look for “Organizing for Activism” in the program).
  4. Poll Members: After our face-to-face conversations at Feminisms and Rhetorics, we will be polling you–our membership–and offering some options for the Coalition SIG. We urge you to participate in this poll. We want and need to hear the voices of our membership in order to make informed decisions.

Lisa Mastrangelo, President, The Coalition