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CWSHRC Seeks Web Coordinator

That’s right, Coalition. We have not one but two open website positions. Currently, we are seeking not only a web designer to help reinvent the platform and format for Peitho; we are also seeking a new web coordinator, a webwork maven interested in working with the CWSHRC on a variety of tasks for a two-year term.

Interested? Read full details below and please share the link to this page and/or the affiliated PDF with all of the web aficionados you know.


Become the Next Web Coordinator for the CWSHRC

The Coalition’s web coordinator maintains, monitors, and updates the organization’s website, working in collaboration with CWSHRC Executive and Advisory Board members. For the next term, one of the web coordinator’s main responsibilities will be ongoing development of the CWSHRC online archive. Additional responsibilities are listed below.

Position Details

The CWSHRC coordinator position involves the following activities and responsibilities:

  • Managing the platform and domain for;
  • Monitoring the appearance of the site and communicating style guidelines to site contributors;
  • Maintaining and (as needed) updating website style guidelines;
  • Filtering and responding to user questions as well as general questions about the site;
  • Providing site access (as needed) for different members of the CWSHRC;
  • Collaborating with the CWSHRC Secretary to establish and maintain the group’s administrative archive;
  • Coordinating the Paypal portion of the site (e.g., radio buttons, membership information) in collaboration with the Treasurer;
  • Working with Peitho editors to upload each issue of the biannually published journal, overseeing the process of archiving past issues, and liaising with the Peitho editorial team as needed.

Timeframe and Remuneration

The web coordinator serves a two-year term, typically starting on May 1 and ending on April 30 two years later. The next term begins 1 June 2015 and ends 30 April 2017.

There are no geographical restrictions on this position, and the job itself is designed to be performed remotely at the web coordinator’s convenience. Approximate time on task should average ~20 hours per month, with some periods of the year (prior to CCCC or FemRhet) being busier.

Compensation is $800 over a two-year term plus complementary registration for one conference each year, either CCCC or FemRhet.


In keeping with the Coalition’s dual mission of promoting the advancement of research in the history of rhetoric and composition and fostering the professional development of women scholars, we seek applications from graduate students, faculty, and independent scholars committed to helping the Coalition maintain and expand its strong presence in the field through digital means.

Strong candidates for web coordinator will have the following qualifications:

  • Academic training and scholarly interest that includes rhetoric, composition, feminist historiography, data design, or technical and professional writing, especially as it relates to the ongoing historical or theoretical study of women’s contributions to the discipline;
  • Demonstrated experience in web-designing, site-building, and/or site maintenance (especially with WordPress design);
  • Knowledge of web programming languages;
  • Demonstrated experience managing password-protected sites and/or sites with shopping carts and Paypal connections;
  • Strong English language skills;
  • Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills both on and offline;
  • Commitment to serving the CWSHRC, which is the intellectual home of a diverse and growing group of scholars whose interests span histories of women, studies in gender and sexuality, and feminist research in rhetoric and composition.

To Apply

While Coalition members are encouraged to apply, applicants need not be current members. Interested candidates should submit a brief letter of interest and current resume or CV. The latter should include URLs to sites designed or maintained, as well as access to other digital projects representing the range of candidates’ interests and abilities. Materials should be emailed to Tarez Samra Graban ( by May 4, 2015. Duties expected to begin on June 1, 2015.

Download the PDF version of this ad via this live link.