“Moving” Days

January through April, in an even year, mark “moving” days for the Coalition, in more ways than one. But this year began with a unique kind of movement: Peitho journal’s moving to a fully online format. If you haven’t already, please do check out Issue 22.1 (Fall/Winter 2019). Jen Wingard, Jen England, and Peitho‘s editorial team worked diligently to put out this beautiful issue, in and around constraints caused by our decision to redesign the Coalition website.

The website will be our next “move,” as we’ve hired the expert services of Academic Web Pages, whose vision and patience will help usher our site and our organization into a more digitally habitable space. (You’ll know when that happens, as our website URL will finally match our organization’s name, among other improvements.)

And in two months’ time, the Coalition’s Advisory Board will conduct their annual business meeting at CCCC 2020 in Milwaukee, to consider and vote on a slate of new Executive Board Officers and Advisory Board members, as our own membership shifts and moves. Please watch for more announcements about the meeting itself (as all business meetings are open to Coalition members) and — more importantly — for opportunities to nominate yourselves and others for Advisory Board positions! The reality is that there is always much good work to do and we are always looking for colleagues to help us do it, as well as ways to help you do the things that you love.

Do reach out, either to me (tarez.graban@gmail.com) or to other of our talented Executive and Advisory Board members, if you have questions about the organization or its service. And watch for a call for nominations coming soon.

Tarez Graban
CFSHRC President 2018-2020