CFSHRC Statement on Antiracism and Nonviolence

Coalition and Community Members,

The Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition bases its teaching, scholarship, and activism on feminist commitments to equality, education, and social justice.

In light of recent events, including (but unfortunately not limited to) the incidents leading up to the NAACP travel ban for Missouri and the white supremacist march in Virginia, the Coalition reaffirms its support for non-violent efforts (whether academic, pedagogical, or community-based) to confront systemic racism and the violence it engenders. We stand in solidarity with those engaged in the difficult work of principled action and with the members of our community who are actively seeking opportunities to speak up and out, to march, to write, to call, to teach. Right now is the time to put our rhetorical training to use. We urge everyone, in whatever way they can: Be safe. Be feminist. Be heard.

Please also consider joining us the 2017 Feminisms and Rhetorics: Rhetorics, Rights, and Revolutions, in Dayton, Ohio (where the Dayton Peace Accord was signed).  The conference will feature multiple sessions regarding activism in its various forms.  Many of the special sessions can be located here:

From your CFSHRC Executive Board