Updates for the 2023 Feminisms and Rhetorics Deconference at Spelman College

We have updated information regarding the 2023 Feminisms and Rhetorics Deconference at Spelman College! On the conference website you can now find information regarding:

  • Schedule: The website now displays the deconference schedule at-a-glance and the deconference special events.
  • Registration: Registration will open next week, and another email notification will go out at that time. For now, please visit the deconference registration page to provide any information related to your access needs and to see registration details.
  • Accommodations & Transportation: There are 6 hotel options in Atlanta with discounted rates for FemRhets attendees. Please visit the accommodations page to view these options. Should you need guidance on local transportation and how to get to Spelman, please see the transportation page.
  • Presentation information: Please check your inboxes for an email with information regarding your presentation day and time.

Thank you to all those who worked on these important conference details; I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta very soon!