Peitho Editorial Board Chair and Board Members

The Peitho Editorial Team welcomes Dr. Tarez Samra Graban as the new Editorial Board Chair!  Tarez is an Associate Professor of English at Florida State University and her work centers around feminist rhetorical theory, histories of rhetoric and composition, digital humanities, archival studies, and global and comparative rhetorics. She was the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition President from 2018-2020. Her current work reconsiders the notion of feminist critique for textual scholars of transnational archives who must curate these spaces against neocolonial impulses. She has been tracing the mobile legacies of a select group of women activists, academicians, and elected leaders in southern Africa to learn more about how their rhetorical performances can and do challenge the democratization of information practices in their home countries and abroad. Most recently, she published with Hui Wu, the book Global Rhetorical Traditions which offers examples of global rhetorical instruction and practices through Asia, Africa, the Near East, the Middle East, Polynesia, and precolonial Europe translated into English—a truly ambitious and exemplary book! This came on the heels of Teaching through the Archives: Text, Collaboration, Activism, published with Wendy Hayden, which features chapters authored or co-authored by many Coalition members, that speak to how rhetoric and composition gives back to archival studies through its pedagogical innovation. Lastly, she continues to be active on the Linked Women Pedagogues project, a data discovery tool for tracing the intellectual contributions of under-represented women in rhetorical studies in the U.S. and abroad.

Tarez will lead the new slate of Peitho editorial board members listed below.  Welcome to Tarez and the rest of the board!

Mais Al-Khateeb

Ronisha Browdy

Christina Cedillo

Sherri Craig

Abby Dubisar

Lynée Lewis Gaillet

Tarez Samra Graban

Jane Greer

Jenna Hanchey

Holly Hassel

Jo Hsu

Charlotte Hogg

Stephanie Kerschbaum

Jennifer Nish

Kim Nguyen

Timothy Oleksiak

Ruth Osorio

Jessica Reyman

Jaquetta Shade-Johnson

Karrieann Soto Vega

Hui Wu