Join us for our 4C17 Event: Building Sustainable, Capable Lives, or Tilting at Windmills?

Simple drawing of windmillHow many of us lament our busy lives, and wonder how we can possibly balance the demands of family, work, and even maybe self?  This year’s Coalition session arose from conversations and frustrations that Coalition members have expressed over the years—how do we do all that we do and still (maybe) even stay sane?

The Coalition is hosting its annual Wednesday night meeting: 6:30 pm, on Wednesday, March 15 in The Portland Ballroom 252

This year’s session, “Building Sustainable, Capable Lives or Tilting at Windmills?” will focus on Work/Life Balance and will feature a lesson making ezines (Christine Martorana), a few moments for mindful meditation in busy places (Kathleen J. Ryan and Christy Wenger), and choices for five Action Tables. The second half of the evening will include our usual mentoring tables, plus others centered on work/life balance.

Action Tables

  • Ritual vs. Habit (Shelly Hawthorne Smith)
  • From Putting out Fires to Being on Fire (Charlotte Hogg)
  • Using Yoga to Harness Flow (Kathleen Ryan and Christy Wenger)
  • Journaling (“The Story of Goldilocks and the Lawnmower”) (Jeanne Marie Rose)
  • Leaky Bodies and Connective Mentoring (Melissa Nicolas and Leslie Anglesey)

Mentoring Tables

  • Conference Networking for the Socially Awkward (Patti Poblete)
  • Selfcare as Professional Warfare (Sarah Klotz and Heather Springer)
  • Negotiating for Personal and Professional Sustainability (Abby Dubisar and Rebecca Dingo)
  • Dueling the Dual Career (April Cobos and Jessica Saxon)
  • Remembering and Sharing What Matters (Mary Sheridan and Rachel Gramer)
  • Attending to the Bodyminds of Scholars (Sarah Hart Micke and Anne Marie Womack)
  • Feminist Praxes, Writing, and Community Engaged Work (Jenn Fishman)
  • Writing Feminist Arguments (Kathleen Welch)
  • History (Nan Johnson)
  • Making Time To Write (Jane Greer & Lisa Shaver)
  • Feminist Administration (Lynée Lewis Gaillet)