With Our New Name, We’ve Refocused Our Mission

When the Coalition was first formed in 1989, our organization was one of the few places that women in the field, especially those doing historical work, could gather to mentor and be mentored, to create and join in community.  When the group created the initial bylaws, these bylaws represented this initial formation—women gathering to do historical work.

In the 26 years since the Coalition’s founding, however, as they say, times have changed.  We now recognize gender as more fluid, historical work as more than just recovery of white men and women, and mentorship as taking increasing diverse and even technological directions.  When we gather, we want to include diverse voices, views, and types of work.

As a result, then-President Jenn Fishman gathered a Mission Task Force to examine the work of the Coalition and the ways in which it was viewed.  As a part of this work, Task Force members Wendy Sharer, Kate Navickas, Jess Enoch, Barbara L’Eplattenier, and Risa Applegarth worked to revise the Coalition’s by-laws.  The by-laws reflect any organization’s views of both its membership and its relationship to that membership.  We are pleased to present a new, up-to-date version of our by-laws, with more inclusive language and an updated view of who we are and what we do.  Please view them on our bylaws page.

by Lisa Mastrangelo, CFSHRC President