CFSHRC Goes To Washington

purple background with CFSHRC and a red heart around the F. with the text Jan 21st, #teamfemrhet, @cfshrc @femrhet

The Women’s March on Washington is shaping up to be a historic show of feminist solidarity and collective action. We know that many of the CFSHRC are going to be attending, either in DC or in one of the many sister marches. As your professional organization, the CFSHRC wants to help you connect with fellow members of #teamfemrhet and also document our community’s participation in this historic event.

Towards that end, we invite you to link up with the CFSHRC and with other members in person. We designed three main ways to participate:

  1. Coordinate with CFSHRC members on the ground:

We are going to be gathering across the country. Want to carpool? Need to share a room? Looking for a lunch buddy? Are you new to political protest and just want a buddy to walk with? Want to plan a pre-march sign making party? Use this spreadsheet to coordinate:

  1. Share your experience on social media:

We would love to share your experience on the day of the event. We want to celebrate your actions. We also know that not everyone can participate in person. By bringing the Women’s March online, we want to offer everyone an opportunity to share the experience and participate digitally.

On Twitter: Use our hashtags #cfshrc or #teamfemrhet.

On Facebook: We’ll create a post for everyone to comment on, add photos, or share their experiences.

  1. Contribute to the CFSHRC archive:

We’re a coalition of feminists dedicated to both preserving and actively shaping history. Help us to document this history in the making by emailing your photos and/or your stories to our Archivist, Alexis Ramsey or