Apply to be the next Digital Media and Outreach Director

The CFSHRC is seeking the organization’s next Digital Media and Outreach Director. Applications are due 1/15/2020.

Overview: Over the past several years, digital media use within the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition has increased considerably. Currently, the CFSHRC boasts not only a long-standing listerv and website but also Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a team of volunteers who contribute to regular content and livetweet at conferences. Eager to make the most of these resources while meeting the demands of effective communication both within and beyond the Coalition, we are pleased to recruit the next CFSHRC Digital Media and Outreach Director to lead these endeavors.

The Coalition maintains its social media presence with the following goals in mind:

  • Represent intersectional feminist perspectives, voices, images, and concerns both in and beyond university
  • Share professional opportunities
  • Celebrate and amplify members’ accomplishments
  • Promote feminist research in rhet/comp.

Position description: The Digital Media and Outreach Director will report directly to a designated member of the Executive Board. General responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing communication across available digital platforms to promote effective communication among current and prospective Coalition members and the greater professional community;
  • Generating and regularly posting appropriate content to the Coalition’s social media platforms and coordinating across platforms as appropriate;
  • Maintaining and purposefully increasing listserv use;
  • Generating meaningful website content, such as organizational news, member profiles, mentoring spotlights, and so on in collaboration with Coalition President and Immediate Past President.
  • Working with available data and, when needed, generating new data about CFSHRC digital media practices.
  • Preserve an archive of social media content and data

The Digital Media Outreach Director will not work alone. Instead, the Director will establish and supervise committees, task forces, and teams as needed, working in accordance with the CFSHRC Bylaws.

We encourage applicants to bring creative and innovative strategies for the future direction of the Coalition’s digital media presence. Applicants are encouraged to get to know the Coalition’s current digital resources, including this website and our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Appointment and eligibility: The new CFSHRC Digital Media and Outreach Director will be selected by a committee established by the current DMOD and will serve a two-year term beginning April 15, 2020 and ending April 14, 2022. If not already a member of the Coalition Advisory Board (AB), the new DMOD will also have ex officio status on the Board. Executive Board members (including the Member at Large) are ineligible to apply. Consideration will be given to applicants who already hold a terminal degree (i.e., PhD, MFA), and who have an established record of relevant research, teaching, and/or service. Applicants must be current members of the Coalition. To confirm membership status, contact Treasurer Mariana Grohowski no later than 12/30/2019.

Since the Digital Media and Outreach Director will need to be an active participant in the Coalition’s two main conferences, CCCC and (in alternate years) Feminisms and Rhetorics, the Director will receive a $500 stipend over a two-year term, plus one free conference registration in each year of the two-year term where the Coalition has a strong presence.

To apply: Email a cover letter and CV to Patricia Fancher, current Director of Outreach and Digital Media at In the letter, please address your qualifications for fulfilling both the goals and the general responsibilities as listed above, including (but not limited to) your relevant scholarship and/or scholarly projects and links to digital projects and social media accounts. We also welcome your innovative ideas for the future of the Coalition’s digital presence. Citations for or links to work are welcome.

Copies of the Coalition’s recent Digital Task Force Report and Social Media Guide use are available upon request. Send inquiries to Patricia Fancher

Applications are due January 15, 2020 and final decisions will be made by March 1, 2020, allowing both incoming and outgoing DODM to overlap as they transition roles.