Announcing the Fall 2023 Issue of Peitho

The Peitho Editorial Team is pleased to announce the Fall 2023 issue!
  • You’ll find articles by Kristy Crawley, Lisa Mastrangelo, and Zoe McDonald analyzing gender in the history of rhetoric in both the distant and recent past.
  • This issue offers two Cluster Conversations, the first of which is “Addressing The Barriers Between Us and that Future: (Feminist) Activist Coalition Building in Writing Studies,” edited by Lisa E. Wright, Natasha Tinsley, Anna Sicari, and Hillary Coenen. This Cluster Conversation features important narratives about barriers, especially in academia. In the wake of what has happened at Harvard University to Dr. Claudine Gay, we are proud to publish these essays, and we value the courage of these authors.
  • The second Cluster Conversation is “Reclaiming the Work of Wendy Bishop as Rhetorical Feminist Mentoring,” edited by Mary Ann Cain and Melissa A. Goldthwaite. It marks the twentieth anniversary of Wendy Bishop’s death. In the process of sharing their memories of Bishop, these authors offer insights about the long-term impact of good mentoring, and they pay it forward.