Introducing the Coalition’s 1st Archivist & Historian

Greeting Coalition Members! My name is Alexis Ramsey-Tobienne and I am the Coalition’s first Archivist and Historian. My task is two-fold: to help capture, preserve, and share the Coalition’s rich history through the expansion of our current archive (now freely available to all users and accessed by the “archive” link in the resources section of our homepage) and to think about if and how we should create a physical archival space.

Currently, our archive houses mainly the administrative papers of the Coalition including, but not limited to: various types of planning documents for all the Feminisms and Rhetorics Conferences; minutes, emails, and proposals from Annual Meetings; various correspondence among members from 2006 to present; Treasurer Reports; and Videos celebrating the Coalition.

While there are many detailed, informative documents already stored in our archive, I would like to add to our holdings.

Specifically, I would like to ask you, Coalition members, to share with me:

  • Photographs and Videos related to the Coalition such as photographs and videos taken during Femisms and Rhetorics Conferences, photographs and videos taken at mentoring tables during our C’s Workshops, and photographs and videos taken during panels featuring feminist scholars and scholarship.
  • Documents related to:
    • C’s Mentoring Workshops
    • Feminisms and Rhetorics Planning
    • Any other documents you feel belong in the archive and that help provide more information about the Coalition’s history.

Please send documents and photographs to me at: Please provide some context for the photographs and videos and please make sure photographs are .jpg and that individuals pictured within are identified.

If you are interested in joining me on an archive-building adventure, I would like to convene a task force to explore possible physical locations for our archive and to consider what we would need from that space. Please email me at to share your interest and ideas.

I encourage you to explore our archive!

post by  Alexis Ramsey-Tobienne