Coalition Curated Guide to #RSA50

The Rhetoric Society of America‘s 18th biennial conference promises to celebrate the past and build towards the future for scholars of rhetoric and composition. And feminist scholars are occupying important roles in these conversations. We are delighted and overwhelmed to see that the conference will include a robust range of feminist rhetorical scholarship, which you can find on each page of the program. We offer you this list of sessions featuring research, methods, theories, and performances that are of particular interest to feminist scholars in the history of rhetoric and composition. This is not a complete list, and we welcome recommendations from our members and readers. 

We are particularly excited to attend Andrea Lunsford’s keynote address on Thursday at 5:45 in the Grand Ballroom A, 3rd Floor. We look forward to seeing all of you at this special event. 

We also plan to have a robust social media presence at #RSA50. You are invited to contribute to this conversation using our hashtags #CFSHRC and/or #TheFeministsAreComing along with #RSA50. And you can follow along by following our Twitter feed at @CFSHRC

Thursday Afternoon

A07 – Cooking Personalities: Add Rhetoric, then Stir, Directors Row 3, 3rd Floor

A08 – Feminist Comics, Directors Row 4, 3rd Floor

A12 – Environmental Rhetoric and the Southwest: Inventions and Reconstructions, Grand Ballroom D, 3rd Floor

A16 – Protest in the Age of Trump, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

A18 – Rhetorics Reimagined: Race, Knowledge, and Rhetoric Across Space and Place, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

A24 – Beyond the Closed Fist: Activist Rhetoric and Creative-Critical Scholarship in a Digital Age, Symphony 3, 2nd Floor

B02 – Rhetorical Constructions of Motherhood: From Roe v. Wade to Michelle Obama, Board Room 2, 3rd Floor

B05 – Back to Gilead’s Post-racial Future: Postcolonial Critiques of White Feminist Dystopia in the Handmaid’s Tale, Conrad C, 2nd Floor

B09 – Enacting Intersectional Methodology: Three Sites of Feminist Rhetorical Intervention, Grand Ballroom A, 3rd Floor

B15 – Methodological Heuristics for Rhetorical Fieldwork: Navigating Incommensurable Research Spaces, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

B16 – Centering Bodies, Locating Positionalities: Cross Disciplinary Conversations on Embodiment in Rhetorical Studies, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

B21 – Transnational Feminist Social Engagement, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

B22 – Queering Normativities: Rhetoric, Intimacy, and the “Normal”, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

B25 – Institutional Rhetorics: Logics, Legislation, and Legitimation, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

C03 – Participatory Politics Online, in the House, and on the Street, Board Room 3, 3rd Floor

C04 – Gender in Public, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

C05 – Free to Associate: Clubs and Activist Groups, Past and Present, and my paper is: Welcome to the Club: Debating Societies and Bluestocking Salons

C09 – Body-based Numeracies: Big Data and Feminist Rhetorical Maths, Directors Row 4, 3rd Floor

C21 – The Personal is Political is Purchasable: Exploring the Rhetorical Function of Marketplace Feminism, Marquette 8, 2nd Floor

Friday Morning

D06 – Re-examining Conservative Women’s Religious Rhetoric, Directors Row 1, 3rd Floor

D10 – Reinventing Rhetorical Practices: Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary, d Ballroom C, 3rd Floor

D19 – Objects and Fabrics in Feminist Social Movements, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

D21 – Public Memory and Feminist Inquiry, Symphony 1, 2nd Floor

E06 – Millennial Rhetorics: Gender and Culture in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, Conrad D, 2nd Floor

E17 – The Recovery Room: New Directions for Nineteenth-Century Women’s Rhetorics, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

E19 – Rhetorics of War and Masculinity, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

E 21- Not Sticking to Sports: Athlete Protests and their Rhetorical Implications, Marquette 8, 2nd Floor

E25 – Rhetorics of Veg*nism, Symphony 2, 2nd Floor

F06 – Histories of Feminist Rhetoric: With Pen and Platform, Conrad D, 2nd Floor

F08 – Considerations of Kairos in Rhetorical History, Directors Row 2, 3rd Floor

F09 – Intersections of Queer Experience and Science, Directors Row 3, 3rd Floor

F16 – (Re)envisioning “Refugees” in Networked Media Ecologies, Marquette 1, 2nd Floor

F18 – Archival Queers at the Kinsey Institute: Queering Historical Productions of HIV and AIDS, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

F19 – The Star that Guides Us Still: Women of Color on Rhetoric, Invention, and Democracy, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

F21 – Black Women, Identity, and Activism, Marquette 7, 2nd Floor

F22 – Queer Spaces, Marquette 8, 2nd Floor

F24 – Creating Collectivity in the Neoliberal Academy: The Case for a Transinstitutional Feminist Collaborative, Rochester, 3rd Floor

F27 – Medical Institutions and Rhetorical Constitution, Symphony 3, 2nd Floor

Friday Afternoon

G09 – (Re)Inventing Rhetorics Within and Outside of Religious Orthodoxy, Directors Row 3, 3rd Floor

G18 – Inventing and Re-Inventing Pro-Queer and Anti-Queer Rhetorics, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

G21 – Powerplay: Methods of Critique of Power Structures in Public Representation, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

G22 – Animal Entanglements, Marquette 7, 2nd Floor

G24 – Bringing the Past to the Present: Respectability Politics, Sonic Rhetorics, and Digital Dissent as Frameworks in the Black Rhetorical Tradition, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

G27 – In Memoria: New Materialism and Sites of Public Commemoration, Symphony 2, 2nd Floor

G29 – Managerial Rhetoric and Science, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

H11 – Pragmatism and New Approaches to the History of Rhetoric, CoSponsored by the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy and the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, Duluth Room, 3rd Floor

H12 – Motherhood as an Inventional Resource: Rhetoric, Reproduction, and

Contemporary Sites of Identity, Grand Ballroom A, 3rd Floor

H15 – (Re)Inventing Feminist Historiography, Marquette 1, 2nd Floor

H18 – Unbinding the Body: Female Shapeshifting as a Rhetorical Strategy of Survival, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

H19 – Re-inventing Higher Education, Marquette 5, 2nd Floor

H21 – Queer Identities, Queer Communities, Queer Worldmaking, Marquette 7, 2nd Floor

H24 – Listening to the Silences in Rhetorical Myths: New Directions in Rhetorical Feminism and Mythic Historiography, Rochester, 3rd Floor

I15 – Researchers, Activists, and Archivists: A Roundtable Discussion on Queer Archives, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

I18 – Solidarity Forever: Worker Fights and Labor Frontiers, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

J01 – Keynote Address:  Andrea Lunsford, Grand Ballroom A, 3rd Floor, B, C, D

Saturday Morning

L02 – Literary Roots of Rhetoric, Board Room 3

L06 – Unusual and Under-recognized Oratory, Conrad D, 2nd Floor

L12 – On Bathroom Bill, Grand Ballroom B, 3rd Floor

L15 – Reinventing Social Movement Rhetoric?: Studies in Recent Movements and Messages, Marquette 2, 2nd Floor

L16 – Will Masterpiece Cakeshop be the icing on the cake for the gay rights movement, or will Jack Phillips be able to have his cake and eat it too?: An Analysis of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

L27 – She Works Hard For (No) Money: (Re)Inventing Women’s Empowerment and The Rhetoric of Commodified Feminisms, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

M01 – Grief, Loss, and Politics, Board Room 2, 3rd Floor

M03 – Sport, Gender, and the Constitutive Rhetorics of Identity, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

M08 – Facing the Oxymorons of Political Activism: Underlying Rhetorical Activities of Noisy/Silent Politics, Directors Row 2, 3rd Floor

M13 – Queer Trans Culture and Invention Beyond Visibility: Experiencing Cassils, Grand Ballroom B, 3rd Floor

M19 – Networks of Fascism, Marquette 5, 2nd Floor

M28 – Libera/story: circular and narrative power of failures and successes in cultural rhetorics, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

N04 – Technical Communication In and Out of the Classroom, Conrad B, 2nd Floor

N05 – Interrogating Digital Infrastructures: New Directions for Feminist and Queer Rhetorics, Conrad C, 2nd Floor 

N07 – Invention’s Re-invention: Looking Forward, Looking Back, Directors Row 1, 3rd Floor

N23 – Theorizing Feminist Action Across and Between Race, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

N25 – Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Rhetorical Double-Bind, Symphony 1, 2nd Floor

Saturday Afternoon

O03 – Presidents and their Others, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

O04 – Re-inventing Composition Studies: History, Theory, Praxis, Conrad B, 2nd Floor

O08 – Imitatio and Improv: Rhetorical Invention in Social Justice Efforts, Directors Row 2, 3rd Floor

O19 – Trans Bodies and Trans Words in Public, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

O26 – Reimagining Family Rhetoric: Critical Imagination as a Tool for Reinventing Historical Research, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

P01 – Geo-Rhetorics, Board Room 2, 3rd Floor

P03 – Walking, Talking, and Writing Feminist Memory, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

P07 – Beyond the West and the Rest: Initiating Dialogue Between Non-Western and Western Rhetorical Traditions, Directors Row 1, 3rd Floor

P18 – Women of Alternative Means: Radical (Re)Visioning and the Black Freedom Struggle, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

P21 – Memes from the Left and from the Right, Marquette 7, 2nd Floor

P22 – Queer Methods, Marquette 8, 2nd Floor

P23 – Reinvention for Discovery, Disruption, and Diversion: Women’s Suffrage, African American Racial Uplift, and Asian American Versatility, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

P28 – Feminist Interventions in Public and Private, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

Sunday Morning

T10 – Rhetorical Practice in Church and Temple, Directors Row 4, 3rd Floor

T12 – Science, Security, and State: An Investigation of Scientific and Technological Rhetoric as Interventions in Political Discourse, Marquette 1, 2nd Floor

T14 – Spatial Reinvention: Rhetorics of Memory, Impermanence and Culture in the Public Sphere, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

T15 – Imaging and Imagining Rhetoric, Marquette 4, 2nd Floor

T17 – Reinventing Spaces for Disabled Bodies, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

T19 – New Media, New Rhetorics?: Re-Inventing Rhetoric’s Past with Its Technological Future, Marquette 8, 2nd Floor

T20 – Chinese Comparative Rhetorical Studies: Research and Methodology, Marquette 9, 2nd Floor

T23 – The Body as a Source of Re/Inventio in Ancient Rhetorics, Symphony 2, 2nd Floor

T24 – The Rhetorics of Women in Unexpected Places, Symphony 3, 2nd Floor

U02 – Power & the Invention of Archival Stories, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

U03 – Gender and Sexuality in Support and Advice Texts, Conrad B, 2nd Floor

U09 – Reinventing Trust in the Digital Age, Directors Row 4, 3rd Floor

U12 – Re-visioning Aristotle’s On Rhetoric, Marquette 2, 2nd Floor

U13 – Queer Reparative Practices: Pedagogies, Publics, and Presents, Marquette 3, 2nd Floor

V03 – Pragmatism, Rhetoric, and Leftism, Conrad A, 2nd Floor

V04 – Social Movement Rhetoric: Theories and Methods, Conrad B, 2nd Floor

V11 – Speaking for and with Others Ethically: Perils and Possibilities in Researching Precarious Populations, Grand Ballroom A, 3rd Floor

V17 – Queering Productive and Problematic Discourse Online, Marquette 6, 2nd Floor

V24 – Re/Inventing Rhetoric Between Trajectories and Accountabilities: “Non-Western,” Global, and Hybrid Traditions, Symphony 3, 2nd Floor

V25 – Rhetoric’s Intentions and Effects, Symphony 4, 2nd Floor

This blog post was compiled by Jenn Fishman, Jane Greer, and Patricia Fancher.