Let’s Celebrate and Share Our Work!

Members of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition are busy publishing, researching, teaching, designing, leading, and mentoring. And in the process we’re shaping the future of our field.  In this blog post series, let’s celebrate Coalition Feminists Getting Sh*t Done! As the series continues, we will celebrate the accomplishments of different groups of members within the CFSHRC. To get things started, this post features recent publications, ongoing research and pedagogical projects by members of the Advisory Board, including several Executive Board members. Let’s take the time to read their work, connect with possible mentors and collaborators, and celebrate their accomplishments!

Check out this quick list of their research projects. For more detail, feel free to reach out to these Advisory Board members through their web profiles included below.

Publications and Research

Lynée Lewis Gaillet is the coeditor of the recently published book Landmark Essays on Archival Research  (Eds. Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Diana Eidson, and Donald Gammill).

Review the important essays included in this collection here. The Landmark Essays Series, edited by James J. Murphy and Coalition feminist member Krista Ratcliffe, with contributions by several other Coalition scholars, including Cheryl Glenn and Andrea Lunsford. And congrats to all of the authors included in the collection.

Charlotte Hogg published “Including Conservative Women’s Rhetorics in an ‘Ethics of Hope and Care” in Rhetoric Review 34.4.

Download the article here.

In May, after 10 years of hard, if off-again, on-again labor, Jenn Fishman, Joan Mullin, and Glenn Blalock, launched REx: The Research Exchange Index and published REx 1, which is a searchable database of peer-reviewed information about writing research conducted between 2000 and the present. As Jenn writes: “Distinct from scholarship about writing research, which tends to feature completed studies and be written by a limit set of researchers, REx was designed to capture (in brief form) information about everyone’s research activity, whether it’s ongoing, completed or stalled. There’s so much we can learn from each other, and this project represents an attempt to facilitate that. Anyone interested in getting involved or contributing to REx 2 should be in touch with Joan. She and her colleagues at UNC-Charlotte are leading the next charge.”

Explore this important resource here.

Mariana Grohowski co-authored the chapter “Subverting Virtual Hierarchies: A Cyberfeminist Critique of Course-Management Spaces” in the digital book Making Space, edited by James P. Purdy and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss.

Check out this chapter and the rest of this engaging e-book here.

Pamela VanHaitsma, with support from a 2016 Summer Research Fellowship from the Office of Research, and the 2015-2016 Robin L. Hixon Fellowship from the Department of English, both at Old Dominion University, is conducting archival research for a new project on the rhetorical practices of 19th-century women teachers in romantic friendships. Contact Dr. VanHaitsma to learn more about her ongoing research and read her recent publication “Gossip as Rhetorical Methodology for Queer and Feminist Historiography” in Rhetoric Review 35.2.

Read the article here.

Tarez Samra Graban published Women’s Irony: Rewriting Feminist Rhetorical Histories with SIUP in July 2015.  Tarez is now serving as a non-residential research fellow through the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, until 2018, and has begun a new project at the intersection of rhetoric, archives, and transnational feminism.  

Learn more about her research or reach out to Tarez through her online portfolio http://tsgfolio.com

Awards and Grants

Cristina Devereaux Ramirez‘s monograph Occupying Our Space: The Mestiza Rhetorics of Mexican Women Journalists and Activists, 1875-1942 (UAP, 2015) was awarded the 2016 Winifred Bryan Horner Book Award.

Get your copy here!

Risa Applegarth’s book, Rhetoric in American Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Science, received the CCCC 2016 Outstanding Book Award this year.

Read a book review in RSQ.

Jenn Fishman, Jane Greer, and  Dominic DelliCarpini were awarded a CCCC Research Initiative Grant for their work on the Undergraduate Research Impact. 

Contact Jenn for updates on this important collaborative research.


Pamela VanHaitsma is designing a graduate seminar in Women’s & Feminist Rhetorics for this fall. Check out her course website https://feministrhetoricsblog.wordpress.com/.

In Spring 2017, Tarez Samra Graban will be conducting an undergraduate seminar called “Women in the Archives, Vandals in the Stacks,” where students will study and work at the intersections of feminist rhetoric, archival theory, and institutional history. In partnership with FSU’s Director of Special Collections, Graban will have students process and identify archival materials related to some of FSU’s former women faculty members.

The this list is just a small selection of what our advisory board has been doing. We hope to continue sharing and celebrating the work of coalition members more regularly on this blog. What are you working on? Let us know in the comments section or contact Trish Fancher (fancher.patricia at gmail dot com) to be included in the future blog posts.