The Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition fosters inquiry in feminist histories, theories, and pedagogies of rhetoric and composition. As a network of diverse teachers and scholars, the Coalition promotes intersectionality, collaboration, and communication in the following areas:

    • the advancement of feminist research and pedagogy across histories, locales, identities, materialities, and media;
    • the education and mentoring of feminist faculty and graduate students in scholarship, research methods, praxis, and the politics of the profession.

The Coalition cultivates a dynamic, intellectually challenging, and professionally nurturing community. We welcome and sustain all who do feminist work, inclusive of all genders, sexualities, races, classes, nationalities, religions, abilities, and other identities, in their research and classrooms.

Coalition members…

  • attend the biennial Feminism and Rhetorics Conference
  • publish in Peitho, our peer-reviewed journal
  • receive mentoring through one of our mentoring venues,
  • serve on the Coalition’s Advisory and Executive Boards
  • forward our mission through work on one of our task forces
  • receive awards and scholarships pertaining to their work in feminist rhetoric or the history of rhetoric and composition
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Peitho is the peer-reviewed journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition.

Published quarterly, Peitho seeks to encourage, advance, and publish original research in the history of rhetoric and composition.

We invite article-length submissions on a wide range of topics related to feminist theories and gendered practices.

We also invite shorter submissions for “Recoveries and Reconsiderations,” an annual forum for sharing innovative perspectives on existing feminist work, as well an incubator for new feminist research projects.

FemRhet Conference

The CFSHRC co-hosts a biennial meeting dedicated to defining and demonstrating excellent research at intersections of feminisms and rhetorics—historical, theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical.

The next FemRhet Conference will be held in 2023. With regard to this conference. the Advisory Board of the Coalition recently passed the following resolution:

That the Coalition delay of the re-release of the call for 2023 Feminisms and Rhetorics site hosts until the spring of 2021 and require within this call that potential site hosts front themes of anti-racist activism and center the work of feminists of color.

This decision was made in response to several factors, including ongoing task force efforts to improve the workflows, formats, and processes associated with the conference and the COVID-related uncertainty regarding the possibility of holding a large gathering in the near future. Additionally, the Advisory Board felt that identifying this specific focus for the 2023 meeting is an essential part of larger Coalition efforts to amplify voices of scholars of color, interrogate white privilege, and promote anti-racist organizational change. While many members and supporters of the Coalition have critiqued white supremacy and engaged in racial justice work in the past, current events and the enduring, centuries-long oppressions and injustices that inform, them make it undeniably clear that this anti-racist emphasis for the next FemRhet gathering is not just reactive but is necessary to promote the Coalition’s mission.

So, please be on the look out for a new call for hosts shortly after CCCC 2021! In the meantime, if you are considering submitting a site-host proposal, members of the Coalition Executive Board are happy to make themselves available to talk through ideas: please contact Wendy Sharer, President, at, or Tarez Graban, Immediate Past President, at with any questions.


Here we will provide resources for a wide variety of issues that impact Coalition members and supporters. Check back regularly for updates!