On behalf of the Shirley Wilson Logan Diversity Scholarship Committee, I am pleased to share the names of this year’s recipients and to provide details about the FemRhet sessions that will feature them.

First, I want to express my sincere thanks to the committee, which included the following individuals:  Christina Cedillo, Charlotte Hogg, Talisha Haltiwanger Morrison, Alexis Ramsey-Tobienne, and Dara Regaignon (Chair). This group had quite a few applications to review and, consequently, some very tough decisions to make!

Second, I invite anyone who will be at FemRhet to attend a special session featuring the scholarship recipients. The session, which is listed in the conference program, will be chaired by CFSHRC Executive Board member Sherita Roundtree and will be held during Concurrent Session C on Sunday, October 1st at 2:30pm. Be sure to check the program for location and other information.

The recipients, along with the sessions they will be participating in (in addition to the special session with all the awardees), are listed below. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

Wendy Sharer, Immediate Past President and Awards Coordinator

Morgan Carter, wearing red jacket and red glasses, stands in front of green leafy plants

Morgan Carter

Morgan Carter, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

H.4, “Rhetorical Reckonings with Reproduction Post-Dobbs”

Nissele Contreras, wearing a black shirt and red pants, walks down a street

Nissele Contreras

Nissele Contreras, Michigan State University

L.6, “Constellating, Complicating, and Celebrating: Rhetorical Belonging Across Communities”

Nicole Koyuki Golden, wearing a black collared shirt, stands in front of a brick wall.

Nicole Golden

Nicole Koyuki Golden, Michigan State University

L.6, “Constellating, Complicating, and Celebrating: Rhetorical Belonging Across Communities”

Erin Green, wearing a black sleeveless top and black glasses, sits in an office with filing cabinets behind.

Erin Green

Erin Green, University of Maryland

B.8, “Feminist Mentorship by Grad Students, for Grad Students” (Roundtable)

E.7, “Trans Rhetorics at the Margins” (Roundtable)

Marissa Kessenich, wearing a grey, white, and yellow striped shirt, stands in front of a bookcase.

Marissa Kessenich

Marissa Kessenich, University of Virginia

D.1, “Black Feminism: Storytelling, Disruption, and Archival Curation”

Lamaya Williams, wearing a pink shirt and light grey jacket, looks up in front of a black background

Lamaya Williams

Lamaya Williams, Old Dominion University

I.7, “Feminist Activism as Lifework: Generating Six Principles of Activism” (Roundtable)